A new generation of epoxy resins perfect for board manufacturing. From compression molding to hot-coating, these epoxies don’t just perform—they take a crucial step towards lowering your impact on the environment. Using green chemistry that requires less energy and reduces harmful byproducts, Entropy replaces petroleum-based carbon with renewable biobased carbon.
Why are we Biobased?

Because it’s part of our commitment to Make Things Better. Through green chemistry, sustainable materials, and efficient manufacturing, Entropy Resins reduces environmental impact. We prioritize performance without compromising the planet.

What’s an LCA?

We believe a major part of sustainability is transparency. That’s why we partnered with third-party organizations to conduct our Life Cycle Assessment and received biobased content testing from the USDA. The result? We’re able to provide you with hard data that makes it easy to understand our product’s life cycle, so you can quantify the environmental benefits of using Entropy Resins in your own products. No greenwashing claims over here.

How can I Leverage your LCA with my Business?


Building One…



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Clear Laminating Epoxy

CLR is our flagship, high-performance, clear-coating epoxy system. It's water-clear and UV-stabilized for applications that require a low-color and low-yellowing, such as when you want to preserve the natural coloring of wood. This system features quick air-release and world-class UV resistance. CLR works with multiple hardeners to match your woodworking methods. It has an ideal viscosity for a wide range of applications that use hand layup techniques with fast, room-temperature cures.
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Optically Brightened Laminating Epoxy

This optically-brightened, clear laminating system is designed specifically for ultra-white cosmetic applications, such as surfboard laminations over EPS (polystyrene) or PU (polyurethane) foam. Based on Entropy Resins classic CLR – CLEAR Epoxy Resin, BRT Optically Brightened Laminating Epoxy Resin can be paired with all CLR Clear hardeners.
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Compression Molding

Our compression molding epoxies are SUPER SAP® Formulations for press-molding applications that utilize heat in the curing process to accelerate cycle times. Excellent elongation and adhesion to a variety of substrates, along with a predictable response to heated processes, make these epoxies ideally-suited for press-molded composite parts, such as sporting goods.