Clear Casting Epoxy

Water-clear, low-viscosity epoxy designed for casting, embedding, and high-build coating applications. CCR is a SUPER SAP® Formulation.

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Product Overview

CCR Clear Casting Epoxy

CCR Clear Casting Epoxy is a clear, UV-stabilised epoxy system designed specifically for casting, potting, and embedding applications. Low colour and low viscosity allow for bubble-free, crystal-clear castings ideal for art and hobby applications. This Super Sap® formulation features two hardener speeds: slow (CCS) for high-build casting epoxy applications and fast (CCF) for quick, small project fast casting epoxy applications, such as resin jewellery and more.

Clear Casting Resin / Clear Casting Slow Hardener

  • CCR (0.5kg) / CCS (0.21kg)
  • CCR (1kg) / CCS (0.42kg)
  • CCR (2kg) / CCS (0.84kg)
  • CCR (5kg) / CCS (2.10kg)
  • CCR (10kg) / CCS (4.20kg)
  • CCR (20kg) / CCS (8.40kg)

Clear Casting Resin / Clear Casting Fast Hardener

  • CCR (0.5kg) / CCF (0.215kg)
  • CCR (1kg) / CCF (0.43kg)
  • CCR (2kg) / CCF (0.86kg)
  • CCR (5kg) / CCF (2.15kg)
  • CCR (10kg) / CCF (4.30kg)
  • CCR (20kg) / CCF (8.60kg)

Available in CCF (Fast) and CCS (slow) cure speeds.

Fast Cure: 90 min pot life, 24 hr tack-free time, recommended Full Cure 7 days @ 25°C. Post cure recommended.

Slow Cure: 360 min pot life, 72 hr tack-free time, recommended Full Cure 7 days @ 25°C. Post cure recommended.

Two-part epoxy kits are comprised of Super Sap CCR Resin and CCF (FAST) or CCS (SLOW) Hardener.

Note: CCF FAST hardener should ONLY be used for low-volume (less than 500 ml) casting applications with thicknesses below 2.5 cm. Using CCF FAST hardener for larger volumes or thicknesses can result in exothermic cures that will damage the epoxy.


Best Uses

  • Encapsulation or Embedding
  • Bar Top Epoxy
  • Resin Jewellery
  • Resin Castings
  • Moulding Resin
  • Art, Hobby, Craft Resin
  • High-Build Coatings
  • Mass Castings (CCS Slow Hardener only)


Application Tips:

  • For best results, measure the two components by weight at the correct mix ratio.
  • Always mix product for at least two minutes, scraping the container to ensure complete mixing.
  • Try to use the product in a controlled temperature environment within the optimal specifications of the product. Avoid high humidity or cold ambient temperatures.
  • For optimal bonding performance, be sure the surface is dry and free of dirt, debris, and oils. Mechanical preparation of the surface from sanding is highly recommended.
  • Build sample coupons using proposed materials and processes to fully understand the curing characteristics of the epoxy in your working environment and compatibility of the epoxy with other materials.

CCR Reference Card - English

CCR Reference Card - French

CCR Reference Card - Danish



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